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             We hope to have puppies arriving in Mid - March 2016!!
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About Brickhouse American Bulldogs of Central California...

            "One of my goals
 in this undertaking has been to do the opposite of breeders that irritated me once upon a   
            time when I was puppy shopping... Don't get me wrong, there are many good breeders out there, it's just getting
            harder and harder to find them these days!  I am always available to pup families for support and keep them
            updated during the breeding, pregnancy, whelping, and rearing process with borderline obsessive photo and video
            updates (Just ask my husband!!).  Each pup is temperament tested and observed extensively, hand raised and loved
            very, very much! Pups are fed only grain free premium food.  Pups are not housed in cages, kennels, bathroom floors,
            garages or other icky, germy, anti-social environment.  Our puppy room is set up in a very busy and central part of our
            home where the pups begin the imprinting process at 3 weeks of age and we let them out to roam and explore the 
            rest of the home and play with us several times a day.  Their pup room has a doggy door that they learn to use by 8
            weeks of age to access their outside puppy run and potty area!  
            We provide extensive exposure to other pets and, most important of all, kids of all ages.  These dogs and pups are 
            members of our family, not "breeding stock." Individual attention is given to each puppy family in picking out their
            new baby based on personality and temperament rather than just deciding to go with "the brindle" or "the red"
            one.  Our home is available to pup families for visits with the pups before they can go home. I continue to be available
            for advice and support long after the puppies leave my care.  I brought them into this world and therefore consider
            myself responsible to ensure that they are being well cared for throughout their lives! I look forward to meeting you
            soon and I always have references available on request and you can
check out our Guest Book as well!" -- Heather  

We are a FAMILY that loves American Bulldogs and breeds as a hobby, focusing on temperament. We are quite picky about the right temperament because we have four children, including a toddler that can try any dog's patience, let alone one that weighs one hundred pounds. We are located in Coarsegold, California. Coarsegold, in case you've never heard of our small town, is located in the Central Valley just 30 minutes from Fresno and Madera... because we are centrally located, we are willing to meet our out of town puppy parents half way. Check the puppy page for details...

American Bulldogs have been our family's pet of choice for over ten years now, ever since we rescued our first american bulldog puppy, Jade, from the local animal shelter. She was picked up as a stray puppy at about 18 months old, most likely because her "owners" didn't realize how big she would get, as is the case with many of these beautiful creatures that end up in the pound. PLEASE do your research before choosing to bring an American Bulldog puppy into your family. At almost two years old Jade was terrified of everything, including the ceiling fan and garden hose. With a lot of TLC and a healthy diet she rebounded and became the most wonderful dog we have ever owned. She steadied two of our children as they learned to walk, she protected our home, she squished us by laying in our laps as though she had no concept of how large she was, and no dog will ever compare. Sweet Jade was laid to rest in 2011 and is missed daily. Having Jade in our lives made us fall in love with not just her, but also the american bulldog breed, and we couldn't imagine our lives without a few of them around at all times.

We currently have six American Bulldog family members, PSI's Mighty Zeus, Brickhouse's Riley, Brickhouse's Bridgette Rose, Smada's Purple Sky, Brickhouse's Scarlet Rose and Brickhouse's Phoenix Rising.  All of our bulldogs come from a long line of champions and are registered by the American Bulldog Association, United Kennel Club, and the National Kennel Club. Check each of their pages for pictures and details.  All of our bulldogs have their pedigree registered online with the Pedigree Database for easy access to our pup families!

WE LOVE OUR PUBLIC SERVANTS AND PROVIDE A DISCOUNT to military, police, fire, and educators


American bulldogs bred for the wrong reasons or kept as caged money making machines do nothing positive for this breed or society in general. PLEASE do your homework, visit the breeder, and meet the parents of the pup you intend to purchase. If the breeders can't pull their american bulldogs out of a kennel to play with you for a while unsupervised... or hesitate to do so, take note of the fact that TEMPERAMENT CAN BE HEREDITARY.  Through carefully selecting our american bulldogs and temperament testing every puppy we hope to help change this.  Our goal is not to produce showdogs, though the majority of our dogs are show quality, but to produce wonderful family dogs that can grow up in loving homes and change the stigma currently attached to this most wonderful breed! 

American Bulldogs can easily grow to be 100+ pounds, though size of course varies depending on genetics, and gender. American Bulldogs are generally good indoor dogs, so long as they are provided with sufficient exercise and play time outdoors to keep their muscular bodies healthy and in shape. Our dogs live primarily indoors with us, but they have a large backyard in which to run and play and they love to take trips with the family...even if its just to the feedstore. American Bulldog puppies respond well to training and are
excellent family dogs! They grow highly emotional attachments to their human families and can be protective, particularly of children.  Ours are generally accepting of other furry family members, but they do have a strong prey drive that can result in a lot of (playful) chasing of smaller animals if not socialized early.  Our American Bulldog puppies are socialized early with our four children (ages 2-14), cat and yorkie.

Housebreaking is relatively simple for American Bulldog puppies if the crate training method is used. Accidents will happen, that is unavoidable with puppies, but they tend to be more receptive to housebreaking than other breeds we have owned in the past (particularly small breeds). The American Bulldog is sensitive to heat and should always be given access to a place to cool off if you live in the hot California sun, be it an air conditioned living room or a small kiddie pool in the backyard.

Unfortunately, American Bulldogs, have higher incidents of hip dysplasia, food allergies (easily regulated), and chronic skin conditions. As all of these conditions tend to be hereditary, it is very important to purchase an American Bulldog pup from a responsible breeder that can provide you with health information on the bloodline you are investing in and minimize the risk that you will adopt a dog plagued with later health problems. If your pup comes from a long line of healthy, well conditioned, and good-natured dogs, chances are your pup will grow up happy and healthy. In the end, it is far less costly (emotionally and financially) to ensure you are getting a pup with a healthy bloodline than to treat / manage any of the above conditions.

If you have researched the breed and have decided that an American Bulldog is right for you... check for current updates on our american bulldog puppies for sale in California on our American Bulldog puppy page If you are located any where near California's central valley in the Fresno, Madera, Merced, Tulare, Mariposa or Bakersfield area we are certainly close enough to take a drive over and play with our adorable puppies to see if they are a match for you.

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